NetActuate’s Kate Gerry, Abby (Datacenter Dog), and Nathan Wilson all attended NANOG 90 on the week of February 11th, 2024. This was Nathan’s first NANOG, read about his experience as a first-time attendee!

Kate is on the programming committee at NANOG, and her feedback was highlighted in their “Program Picks” blog.

Knowing that NANOG 91 would be held in Kansas City, they had an important mission: Determine the best barbeque style, starting in NetActuate’s home state of North Carolina! In addition to the BBQ mission, they also had a technical conference to attend.

On Sunday, the first day of NANOG, there were two important events, one was the in-person section of the Hackathon as well as the Women in Tech Mixer.

On Monday, Nathan attended the NANOG Newcomer Breakfast session along with Abby and Kate.

Shortly before the conference officially started, Abby and Nathan checked out the main stage to check for proper lighting and sound.

At the end of Monday, Kate, Abby, and Nathan stationed their booth at the NANOG Peering Forum, with Abby giving out her business cards.

After a great time representing NetActuate at the Peering Forum, Nathan and Kate went to the first NANOG Social at the NASCAR Hall of Fame!

After Beer-N-Gear, Kate and Nathan went to a dinner with industry peers and learned more about them and what they do. After dinner, they attended the last half of the second social of NANOG started at Pins Mechanical Company!

On Wednesday afternoon, Abby helped reopen the conference after the break with the Program Committee Chair, Steve Plote.

Also on Wednesday, Nathan Wilson won a prize for his participation in the Hackathon on Sunday!

RIP: Abigail, Datacenter Dog: 2011/11/04 – 2024/03/01