We’ve been busy the past few months. We updated a lot of our dedicated server and colocation services, but we also updated our website! When I first arrived at Tranquil Hosting I saw a great group of people running a fantastic company with a woefully outdated website. I’m a guy that looks at things from the clients perspective and what I saw was a website that needed serious attention. I set out to create a foundation that would allow us to expand our reach to clients, giving them an easy to navigate website with the information they need. The first step was getting my web designer on the project. After a few emails I was pretty bummed to find out that my trusted designer was not going able to take on our project. He had recently experienced a death in the family and was heading home to be with family for a while. Terrible news for him. After all the projects we had worked on over the years I considered him a friend. I wished him well and told him to keep in touch.

At this point I did what anyone would do, I turned my online community to try and find someone with talent who could meet a deadline and was easy to work with. Well, if any of you have tried to find this in the past you know how daunting it can be. After a few conversations with prospective designers I happened upon John Tamburino at itsJtam. Yes, it’s an odd domain name but there was nothing odd about John. He seemed like a great guy, easy to communicate with over Skype and was available during the presales process as much as I needed him. At this point I had to make a decision and I took the leap, hired John and hoped for the best. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

John set out to build us a website that represents our brand, made it easy for clients to navigate and most of all he made my life easy. We set a deadline, which is he not only met, he beat. I had a few tricky items I wanted done and he knocked them out with ease. We received both html and php pages (with header and footer) but we also received the original PSD files. This was when I knew I had found a reliable web designer I could rely on when I needed something done. I would recommend John to anyone. Our experience was fantastic and John’s work is top notch. If you’re in the market for a designer I suggest heading on over to itsJtam, you won’t be sorry.