We’ve never been terribly social or even verbose. We like to think of ourselves as plumbers (no, not the Ben 10 kind we our kids like… but ok maybe that fits 🙂 working behind the scenes, making sure everything keeps running.

On the blog front, we’ve realized is that over the past year our blog changed from even basic updates and announcements on our weekly releases (yes, they happen!) to just carbon copies of press releases when we put an official one out. (not often.)

On the other hand, with 150+ base images and appliances, 10+ locations, tons in the works and many enhancements things are happening all the time.

So we’re changing things up.

We’ve redesigned our blog to have more of a magazine/newspaper layout, and we will begin posting in a few different categories. (To start with, releases & feature updates, cloud images & appliances, official news, and general thoughts on cloud/technology.)

As it takes shape over the next few weeks we will refine the site and our RSS feeds so that you can opt to subscribe to whatever interests you.

Stay tuned…!

The Host Virtual, Inc Team