Date published: 2016-07-27 14:49:00


Increasing its global footprint and with increased awareness of data protection laws, RootBSD opens its first Canadian data center in largest city, Toronto.

RootBSD expands into its first Canadian data center — its first outside the US — with the opening of its Toronto location. The company’s customers will be able to deploy cloud servers into the largest city in the country.

The new data center — available now to RootBSD customers — is directly connected to the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX), located in a carrier-neutral hotel in Toronto. TORIX is the largest Canadian internet exchange with over 200 members (including Akamai, Microsoft and Rogers Communications, among others) and the 11th largest in the world. The facility also offers fiber connections, meet-me-rooms, power redundancies and 24/7/365 security.

In addition, because the data center falls under Canadian law, it affords data protections not available in the US.

“RootBSD’s customers have been asking for a Canadian data center — for some of them it was because of privacy concerns — and we are happy to deliver,” Mark Price, CEO, said. “We are very excited about our recent expansion in North America and that it’s our first in Canada. Toronto is a hub of commerce and high tech development in Canada and our customers are itching to deploy here.”

Price added that RootBSD is continuing its expansion to better serve its customers, no matter what variety of *BSD they prefer, no matter where in the world they would like to be.

In addition, all RootBSD services come with a native IPv6 connection. RootBSD has provided *BSD IPv6 capable services for years. With the exhaustion of older, legacy “IPv4” address space, IPv6 capability is becoming a critical requirement for any online presence and RootBSD is able to bring that to the *BSD world.


About RootBSD:

Frustrated by the haphazard *BSD hosting options of other providers and that did not meet their demands for business reliability and scalability, the founders of RootBSD established the company to provide reliable, flexible and supported BSD-based hosting services for professionals and businesses. RootBSD is part of Tranquil Hosting and has access to its 25 data centers throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit