Date published: 2016-06-28 19:05:00


RootBSD, the hosting service that specializes in *BSD-based deployments, expands its cloud service footprint with the opening of its new data center in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong data center offers excellent, low-latency connections into the region as well as Asia, including mainland China (available through RootBSD’s premium routes) through fiber cables that route directly into the country.

The data center is located in a carrie-neutral facility that offers tier 1 backbone connections. RootBSD’s customers will be able to utilize any of the services available through the data center, which has access to the Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX) and other carriers in Asia. It also features Tier III+ fully redundant physical infrastructure, including back-up generators, cooling and dual power feeds to each rack.

“Connectivity into Asia, and especially mainland China, is of vital importance to global businesses,” Mark Price, CEO of RootBSD said. “We are very pleased and excited to offer our customers this option through Hong Kong. They’ll be able to deploy their cloud servers through a low-latency fiber connection using the variety of *BSD they prefer.”

In addition, all RootBSD services come with native IPv6 connections. RootBSD has provided *BSD IPv6 capable services for years. With the exhaustion of older, legacy “IPv4” address space, IPv6 capability is becoming a critical requirement for any online presence that RootBSD fills for the *BSD world.

About RootBSD:
Frustrated by the haphazard *BSD hosting options of other providers and that did not meet their demands for business reliability and scalability, the founders of RootBSD established the company to provide reliable, flexible and supported BSD-based hosting services for professionals and businesses. RootBSD is part of Tranquil Hosting and has access to its 25 data centers throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit