Last week, StackPath’s customers received notices that they were  terminating their services and liquidating assets. Users were urged to backup data promptly and transition to other providers. This significantly impacts businesses reliant on infrastructure and edge compute services – a portfolio that NetActuate excels at.

What went wrong at StackPath

While the specifics are still emerging, NetActuate has some hypotheses on what could have been done better. StackPath was seemingly purpose-built from a business and financial perspective to be an edge computing platform. StackPath grew through acquisitions  and attempted  to integrate five different companies. In the long run, this consolidation strategy does not seem to have worked for them, their creditors or their valued customers.

In addition to challenges in integrating customers and technical backend, StackPath also inherited all the different infrastructure, networks, engineering teams, products, and services. The integration of these key elements likely failed due to the lack of  foundational expertise in blending engineering, product, technology and business functions while delivering services.

The shutdown of StackPath has several significant implications for its customers: business continuity and service disruption, data migration and risk management, financial impact, and technological challenges.

Choosing the right engineering partner is crucial for SaaS success

At NetActuate, we see partners and customers trying to launch global scale SaaS platforms every day. Typically these launches are heavily funded, and driven by   business and  financial decision-makers rather than by  the engineers and technologists who deliver the service. 

We see such companies launch and work along the same continuum, rarely adapting to the changing landscape of the internet. The fact is that the network – the internet – is constantly evolving. If you aren’t set up to relentlessly optimize and manage it with your tooling, your processes, your technology, and most importantly your people, you are going to fail.

Choosing the right engineering partner can help you avoid these pitfalls. Ultimately this is an opportunity cost for you to focus on your core product/service, while leveraging the right-fit  global infrastructure.

Why NetActuate is the right choice

As a provider of comprehensive edge compute services, NetActuate is uniquely positioned to offer a seamless transition for StackPath customers. NetActuate should be your go-to solution:

  • Uninterrupted service continuity Robust edge compute services, DNS, object storage, network transit, and colocation.
  • Smooth data migration – Our expert team ensures a seamless transition with minimal downtime.
  • Cost-effective solutions – Competitive pricing and flexible plans tailored to fit your budget.
  • Technical excellence and support – 24/7 support, high availability, and bespoke  solutions.
  • Proven track record – Long history of providing an extended portfolio of organically developed infrastructure solutions.
  • Business continuity – Focus on innovation and customer success to strengthen long-term plans.
  • Customer-centric approach – Partnership approach to understand and meet your unique needs.

Act now to ensure continuity & future-proof your operations!

The closure of StackPath is an opportunity to upgrade to a superior provider that will prioritize  your success. NetActuate is ready to provide the stability, support, and advanced services you need to keep your operations running smoothly. 

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