Tranquil Hosting introduces new IaaS platform, developed in-house. Web hosting provider Tranquil Hosting announced the launch of its new infrastructure as a service, or IaaS, platform.

Unlike IaaS solutions available from other hosting providers, North Carolina-based Tranquil Hosting owns its own platform stack — users can expect timely updates and faster responses to feature requests than other companies that use a platform developed by a third party.

Tranquil Hosting’s platform allows instant deployment of dedicated servers and cloud servers in more than 25 locations worldwide. Its dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 capable IaaS platform also features its award winning managed/high touch services. The company’s customers have access to its 24/7 dedicated support and technical expertise, US and EU hosting locations, and its fixed pricing schedule.

“Our new IaaS platform is the perfect solution for most of our customers, offering the power and options that will optimize their hosting,” said Mark Price, Tranquil Hosting’s CEO. “However for customers who have more demands and require a more robust solution — such as those in in government, financial and big pharma — will find it is more than capable of accommodating their needs.”

In addition to its IaaS services, Tranquil Hosting customers are able to take advantage of a multitude of fully managed services including hybrid deployments, private cloud, colocation from single servers to dedicated suites, anycast, CDN, iNOC services, and more.

Tranquil Hosting’s native IPv6 connectivity is key in 2016 as the “Internet of things” and the new style of IP addressing scheme takes hold, with the exhaustion of legacy or “IPv4” address space. To learn more about IPv6, IPv6 capable hosting, colocation, and cloud services Tranquil provides a free IPv6 web presence audit.

About Tranquil Hosting:

Since its inception in 2002, Tranquil Hosting has strived to ensure the success of its customers by providing zealous commitment to customer service and delivering the most efficient IT solutions. From small businesses and start-ups to the most demanding applications, our highly experienced engineers at Tranquil Hosting can help you design, implement, and scale your Web presence. For more information, visit

Tranquil Hosting Unveils New IaaS Platform, Focus on SME Customer Needs