As IPv4 resources become more scarce, and the transition to IPv6 continues we’ve been looking at our current policy for extra IPv4 addresses.

The current policy is simple. With justification, you can purchase as many additional IPv4 addresses as you need for $2/mo.
After reviewing current usage patterns, we expect to implement a new pricing policy for all new and existing customers beginning on August 1st, 2012.

# of addon IPv4 Ips

1-5 $2/mo per IPv4 ip (no change)
6-10 $5/mo per IPv4 ip
10+ $10/mo per IPv4

The new tiered structure means a change for under 1% of customers who current have purchased extra IPv4 addresses. Or, in simpler terms – you probably won’t be impacted by this at all.

While the pricing is now tiered, there continues to be no hard cap on addresses as long as the meet standard justification requirements.

In addition, all IPv6 address space will remain free of charge, including complete subnet delegations.