Saturday marked the third anniversary of the World IPv6 Launch, and IPv6 adoption continues to see steady growth at an increasing rate.

With just over 17% of ISP end-users actively utilizing IPv6, the United States continues to lead the pack in adoption. This can be attributed to four major ISPs, such as Comcast, and mobile operators actively serving IPv6 to their users.

Other countries with notable IPv6 adoption statistics include Germany, Japan, Peru, Belgium, and Japan. Also notable is the IPv6 traffic growth in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Greece and Estonia as broadband providers have begun to roll out IPv6 to residential end-users.

As we mentioned in our previous post, the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) is on track to exhaust their IPv4 supply this summer, making IPv6 adoption and implementation more important than ever.

Inevitably more networks will continue to deploy IPv6 as pressure from IPv4 exhaustion grows and IPv6 becomes a necessity, with some networks now choosing to deploy IPv6 only assets instead of dual-stack solutions.

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