2023 ITDM Global Network and Infrastructure Outlook Report

To get a closer look at current deployments and challenges, as well as plans and key drivers for footprint growth, NetActuate surveyed 600 full-time employees in IT-related roles who had decision-making authority over network and infrastructure strategy.

IT leaders are under pressure to keep costs under control and stay compliant with numerous regulations. At the same time, they must find ways to expand their deployments to ensure high performance and low latency for online product, application, and service delivery. 

Download the full report to learn:

  • The most popular deployment locations in 2023
  • Expansion plans for the next 1-2 years
  • Key drivers of footprint growth
  • Top network and infrastructure challenges
  • A look at resource locations and usage, from on premises to the public cloud
  • Vendor usage and management issues

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