At NetActuate, we are committed to ensuring sustainability as we continue to grow our global footprint and provide the best possible network performance for our end users around the world. When we select our facility operating partners for deployments, we go through a careful vetting process to ensure we only deploy in energy-efficient data centers that show a commitment to high uptime and high-performance connectivity. This allows our customers to significantly reduce their overall datacenter footprint and dramatically lower their costs and energy consumption.

Many of our locations meet the standards for sustainability-related certifications such as ISO 14001, ISO 50001, and SSAE 16/ISAE 3402. Below you can review how some of our 40+ global locations have taken steps to ensure sustainability and energy efficiency.

Ashburn, Virginia

Our Ashburn location is certified compliant for SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, and features energy-saving design features including granular temperature controls, LEDs, and optimized lighting controls.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

NetActuate’s Amsterdam location is the Netherlands’ first ever carbon-neutral facility. Purpose-built from concrete and steel, this facility uses the latest cooling technology and containerized modular suite technology to support a real-time PUE of 1.2. This location is certified compliant for ISO 14001:2004.

Chicago, Illinois

Our Chicago data center follows a proactive maintenance and upgrade strategy to preserve and further improve the efficiency of existing infrastructure. Recent upgrades to this facility include variable speed CRAHs and electrode humidification, chilled water with evaporative condensing units and chillers for air and water-side economization, high-efficiency UPS systems, Lutron Eco-System lighting, and RF Code readers for pin-point accuracy of temperature and humidity within customer deployments.

Dallas, Texas

To ensure energy efficiency and sustainability, our Dallas facility utilizes LED lighting throughout the building, runs A/C units at maximum efficiency capacity, minimizes all non-essential energy usage during peak usage hours, and contains airflow within critical areas such as data center rooms and separate from common areas. Energy-efficient facility design features include specialized roofing materials, exterior paint, and foamed perimeter wall insulation to minimize heat transfer into the building.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

NetActuate’s data center in Dubai is certified compliant for ISO 50001.

Frankfurt, Germany

Our location in Frankfurt is certified compliant for ISO 14001and ISO 50001. The facility’s PUE measures, even where using mechanical cooling and in an always-on environment, are exceptional by any standards. It utilizes free cooling as well as adiabatic cooling and a custom cold-aisle containment solution to support higher power densities on low raised floors more efficiently, reducing the overall cooling overhead by as much as 30%.

Hong Kong

NetActuate’s Hong Kong location is LEED Gold (Phase II) certified. This facility also features granular temperature monitoring, cold aisle containment, and optimized lighting controls. In 2016, it also received the 100% biomass International Renewable Energy Certificates (IRECs).

London, England

The NetActuate facility in London is certified compliant for ISO 14001:2004. All facility power is sourced from 100% carbon neutral, renewable energy providers from UK wind farms since 2017. This location recently had electric vehicle charging stations installed on site to encourage and enable staff, customers and suppliers to reduce the impact of their travel on the environment.

Miami, Florida

NetActuate’s Miami data center is certified compliant for SSAE 16. To optimize energy usage, the facility utilizes a hot and cold aisle delivery designed for optimum airflow.

San Jose, California

Our San Jose data center is certified compliant for SSAE 16. The facility operator’s building designs and processes include measurable initiatives and solutions in renewable energy procurement, containment, and power usage effectiveness, all backed by continuous innovation.

Seattle, Washington

The facility operator for NetActuate’s Seattle location is an EPA Green Power Partner, as well as a 100% wind power renewable energy purchaser. Their facility includes custom, modular data center “pod” design, hot/cold aisle containment, energy Star equipment, power supply efficiency minimums, power and temperature measurements and tracking, and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) retired for 100% of annual energy use.

Toronto, Canada

Our Toronto facility utilizes a chilled water loop connected to energy-efficient Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling system leverages cold water from Lake Ontario to cool the building. It also features a technology-forward hot aisle containment system with dynamic in-row cooling (N+1) 3,000-ton cooling capacity.