AS36236 Peering

NetActuate, Inc (AS36236, AS42210) has an open peering policy, and welcomes all peers in any location we are present. For more information please see

Peers should meet the following criteria:

  • All peers must maintain a 24×7 contactable NOC
  • Peers should provide access to a looking glass or traceroute server to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • Peers should not point a gateway of last resort or default route directed towards our session
  • MD5 use is discouraged but can be configured if desired
  • Use of an Internet Routing Registry (IRR) is desired but not required
  • Announcements cannot be smaller than /24 (IPv4) or /48 (IPv6)
  • We reserve the to suspend peering for an indefinite period for any abuse, DDoS, etc.
  • Peers should honor and pass on communities and MED attributes if possible

Peering Information

Peering Policy:


Looking Glass:

Phone: +1-800-419-2656

ASN: 36236


Max Prefixes: IPv4: 1000 / IPv6: 250

Peering Instructions

To peer with NetActuate, please send an email to containing:

  • the exchange(s) that you would like to peer on
  • ASN
  • PeeringDB record
  • IPv4/IPv6 information
  • Max Prefixes
  • AS-SET