Anycast Delivery Platform

Performance and Reliability at the Edge 

Our anycast platform is custom built from the hardware up with the goal of delivering applications within 10 ms of every end user in the world. All decisions about our global presence are made with an “anycast-first” mindset, including: 

  • what cities we are deployed in
  • which data center operators we partner with
  • what hardware we use
  • what internet exchanges we connect to
  • which Tier 1 providers power our networks
  • and much, much more.

Our relentless focus on reducing latency and ensuring reliable performance across global markets is why our network already powers over 25 billion transactions per day. You can learn more about how anycast works at our resource site.

Deploy & Expand Your Global Presence Today

Our purpose-built platform is designed to deliver performance anycast at the global edge. Instantly deploy our VMs and bare metal servers on our anycast delivery platform, or integrate your own resources. Our predictable, monthly platform access fee includes:

Optimized Network

Our engineers continually optimize our network for reliability and low latency across global regions.

DDoS Protection

Our platform includes fallback to a protected network with up to 100gbps/s DDoS mitigation.

Flexible Deployments

Our platform can interconnect our infrastructure, the public cloud, and on-prem equipment.

IPv4 & IPv6 Space

We provide /24 and /48 or you can bring your own. Our platform has been IPv6 native since 2008.

24 x 7 Monitoring

Our 24×7 NOC monitors and proactively responds to any issues affecting network performance.

Portal & APIs

Our online portal lets you manage BGP groups and sessions, as well as VMs and bare metal servers.

Deploy Multiple Anycast Groups for Maximum Reliability

Our platform uniquely offers multiple options for hardware, connectivity providers, and data centers for maximum redundancy in diverse global markets.

Deploy Two or More Anycast Networks with Separate IPs

Improve Redundancy with Diverse Providers and Gear

Deliver +/- 20 ms Latency to Similar Regions and End Users

Which is Right for My Business – Anycast or Unicast?

In today’s online marketplace, global businesses must make sure their customers around the world can access their content, applications, and data whenever and wherever they need them. One of the best ways to provide 100% uptime and high performance is by integrating anycast routing into your infrastructure. This short whitepaper provides easy-to-understand examples and illustrations to help you decide if anycast routing is good fit for your business. Enter your email address to get a download link sent directly to you.