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Fully optimized, low latency anycast delivery platform for DNS providers

Anycast Delivery for DNS Providers

Get the performance, security, and stability you need for your authoritative and recursive DNS services. For close to 20 years, we have been building our world-class anycast delivery platform for low latency delivery across 30+ global locations. Leverage our anycast platform to provide fast, reliable DNS resolution for your global end users. Deploy your DNS service on our anycast-ready global infrastructure today  and enjoy simple, affordable monthly pricing.

Optimized Routing

Each of our 30+ worldwide locations are selected for performance and resiliency. We optimize our network to deliver the lowest possible latency.

Security and Compliance

Our anycast platform fully supports IPv6 and DNSSEC, and our smart DDoS mitigation service protects keeps our network safe from attacks.

Uptime and Support

Our engineers continually monitor performance and optimize your network to ensure 100% uptime and low latency. Our experts are available 24×7 for support.


Deploy your own software on our shared or dedicated virtual servers, or leverage our platform and expertise for a fully-managed DNS anycast solution.

Anycast for Recursive DNS

By anycasting their infrastructure, DNS providers can allow all of their customers to configure a single IP address that will reach the geographically closest recursive DNS server, and seamlessly failover to the next closest server in the event of a failure.

Anycast for Authoritative DNS

Authoritative DNS providers can provide fast and reliable DNS resolution for their end users by using anycast. Using anycast, recursive lookup requests are resolved by the nearest authoritative DNS server, ensuring the lowest possible latency.

Featured Client: RcodeZero

RcodeZero is a subsidiary of the Austrian domain registry nic.at. NetActuate’s global infrastructure and anycast platform powers RcodeZero’s anycast-as-a-service across 10 virtual locations.

“It was easy for us to double our number of locations with NetActuate. For the cost of one traditional colocation, where we pay for the rack, routers, servers, and the upstream, we deployed 10 additional PoPs in a week.”
Klaus Darilion

Head of Operations, RcodeZero

Deploy Multiple Anycast Groups for Maximum Reliability

Our platform uniquely offers multiple options for hardware, connectivity providers, and data centers for maximum redundancy in diverse global markets.

Deploy Two or More Anycast Networks with Separate IPs

Improve Redundancy with Diverse Providers and Gear

Deliver +/- 20 ms Latency to Similar Regions and End Users

Deploy your DNS service on one of the largest IPv4 and IPv6 peered networks in the world. All-in-one monthly pricing for our anycast delivery platform includes DDoS mitigation, optimized network, IP space, portal and API management, and 24×7 monitoring and support.