We’re pleased to announce a major update to our Rescue/LiveCD environment, based on the excellent Finnix Linux Distro. We’ve been working Ryan @ Finnix for over five years, and in addition to using Finnix in our recovery environment are also pleased to formally sponsor Finnix.org.

Finnix replaces our older, Debian 5 based live rescue CD, and works much in the same way. If you need to access your servers file system in an emergency, simply enter Rescue mode and your server will be booted to Finnix using a password you specify and your existing network settings. You can then troubleshoot further via SSH, or the local console.

As part of this update we’ve also greatly enhanced the rescue environment deployment time. In most cases, the total time to rescue availability is under 15 seconds vs. 60-90 seconds previously.

For more information, see the “Rescue” tab of your Dashboard. You can learn more about Finnix at https://finnix.org