A free program for ccTLDs

About NetActuate

NetActuate operates the second largest global network in the world by number of peers. We have been a proponent of open source technology and the open internet for decades. As part of this effort, we are pleased to announce a free ccTLD program.

Program & Eligibility

We are offering free Anycast DNS services to emerging ccTLDs with under 100,000 primary zones. We believe that no matter how big a country is, their domain should have the benefits of world-class reliability, security, and performance. We will slave your entire zone file and Anycast it from our global network free of charge.

What is Anycast?

Anycast is a networking technology that improves reliability and performance for network services like DNS. NetActuate is a leading global provider in BGP Anycast, and hosts many ccTLD/tld and DNS operators, including one of the root servers. Learn more about Anycast at our resource site.

Register for the ccTLD Anycast Program

To enroll, simply fill out this form to meet with us. Setup is fast and easy, and you can be up and running within an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support DNSSEC and key rotation?

Is it really free?

Is there a catch?
No, as long as the ccTLD has less than 100,000 domains (including second and third levels)

What about DDoS?
We will filter attacks directed towards the free network on a best-effort basis at no cost. In the worst case scenario, we will simply stop your announcements.