RootBSD is Now Part of NetActuate 

RootBSD was established with one goal in mind: to provide reliable, flexible, and supported BSD-based hosting services. Founded by experts that specialize in FreeBSD, RootBSD gave customers the power to innovate and scale on top of the BSD operating systems. 

In 2015, RootBSD (part of Tranquil Hosting at the time) joined forces with NetActuate. Their mutual expertise in FreeBSD and other open source technologies enabled the founders to combine their services to offer a larger footprint and greater service capacity to those looking to host BSD technologies. 

Today, NetActuate remains a strong supporter of FreeBSD and the open source community. NetActuate proudly hosts the FreeBSD foundation, FreeBSD forum, and team members partner with the community on numerous BSD projects. NetActuate also leverages the power of BSD technologies throughout their stack.

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