January was a busy month for us, as we kicked off the new year in high gear for our virtual server / vps hosting service. We're continuing the momentum and have several exciting announcements planned over the next few months.

Here are a few of the mentions from January:

  1. New tier 1 bandwidth – Internap added to San Jose, CA with no cost increase. Internap gives us access to every single tier 1 carrier in the world. Combined with our own connectivity and peering we were very pleased to be able to bring you this at no cost.
  2. Several Virtual Server image upgrades, including Gentoo, Fedora, and cPanel.
  3. Plan upgrades for our VPS Hosting service. Looking forward in the new year, all plans have received additional ram at no cost. We're notifying customers when their servers are ready and a simple reboot will add the additional resources. At this point the roll out is almost completed.
  4. A look at Green Hosting and just how "green" it is to use a Virtual Server.
  5. Instant resource upgrades and downgrades. Now you can simply order additional ram, disk space/more or downgrade within a few minutes. We're also pleased to note that with our new pricing structure, you can easily bring your server up to what used to be our next plan for typically $5-10/mo. For example, for just +$5/mo an XV1 server is upgraded to 512mb of fully dedicated ram.

As we look forward there is a huge amount of work in the pipe. Be sure to continue submitting suggestions to our feature roadmap so we can incorporate your feedback.

the Host Virtual Team