Tranquil Hosting has become an official CloudLinux partner and can now offer managed dedicated servers as well as self-managed or managed virtual private servers (VPS). CloudLinux is a new linux-based operating system that offers a host of features that will improve stability, isolation and better security. CloudLinux was developed specifically for webhosts. The main goals of the operating system creators were better stability, better isolation and better security. A migration path for CentOS and RHEL exists and can be implemented in a matter of 5-10 minutes.

CloudLinux Means Better Security

Let’s face it, everyone is concerned about security, and better security not only means safer data, it means peace of mind. By better isolating your VPS from your neighbors, or tenants if you run a VPS server, it means there is less likelihood that if one is compromised, the others will be as well. CloudLinux has implemented SecureLinks, which is a kernel-level technology that currently prevents all known symbolic link attacks. It also utilizes CageFS which separates each user’s file system into its own virtual space. This prevents cross-user file information retrieval or exploitation and has built in safeguards against popular attack vectors like privilege escalation and information disclosure. The great thing is, as an end-user, you don’t even know it’s there and migration doesn’t require any change to existing scripts.

CloudLinux Means Better Stability

In terms of stability, CloudLinux offers a lightweight virtualized environment (LVE) which allows for full control over system resources like CPU, IO, memory, concurrent connections and number of processes. Each can be limited separately in order to maintain a more stable environment and prevent the ‘bad neighbor’ effect. If another VPS user on the same server has say, a runaway script that starts chewing up CPU and memory, it will be limited automatically, which will prevent it from impacting other users. If you are running your own hosting server this also gives you some flexibility in your package designs allowing for more tiers and finer control over resources.CloudLinux also offers MySQL Governor which tracks usage per thread and also gives better control over system resources to make sure there is maximum availability for all users by preventing or pre-empting abuse through throttling. This, again, means better stability and availability all around through monitoring and early warning of a problem with system resources or usage.

CloudLinux Offers Flexibility

For users who need PHP, CloudLinux supports PHP versions 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5 via a PHP Selector which, not only offers version selection for PHP, but also for modules. In addition, it helps keep PHP updated which means faster closure of security holes when they are discovered and patched. All of this makes CloudLinux one of the most stable and secure environments for webhosting on virtual private servers and dedicated servers alike. Built by webhosts, for webhosts, it means the operating system is tailored to the unique needs of both the server administrators and the end-users. Additionally, CloudLinux is fully compatible with control panels and administration packages including cPanel, ISP Manager, DirectAdmin, webmin, interworx, Parallels Plesk Panel and more. Ready to make the switch to CloudLinux? Contact Tranquil’s webhosting experts  today, and rest easier tonight knowing you’re on the path to better security and stability.