If you’re an administrator or webmaster for a number of URLs, or if you’re a reseller of web hosting services, now is the time to think about migrating your sites to the cloud and leaving physical hosting services behind.


The hosting fees for managing an array of websites adds up quickly. Your answer may not just be looking into dedicated vs. co-located server options for savings and efficiency. The best answer may be to work with a cloud hosting service to manage your websites. This not only gives you a lower overhead with less costs, but offers you the ability to scale and grow your infrastructure in minutes.


Host Virtual not only offers you the chance to consolidate your websites into a cheaper cloud hosting plan, it also offers industry-leading hosting tools that you’re already familiar with. These include cPanel and WHM, Direct Admin, VirtualMin and almost any flavor of linux in case you have a custom setup. In addition to these popular hosting control panels, Host Virtual offers a completely cloud-based hosting experience with numerous locations to choose from around the globe.


Host Virtual has 16 data centers in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. We are constantly upgrading our connections and storage capacity. In addition, by switching to a cloud-based hosting service, deploying to any of these data centers now takes only minutes, not days. Simply choose your cloud hosting plan, and select the Linux O/S image for your server using our wizard. Your server will be provisioned instantly and ready to use in minutes. In addition to our cloud optimized kernel, utilizing Xen HVM technology, you’ll also be able to use your own kernel for any virtual servers you provision.


Rather than having to work with servers where your hosting service is, position your servers closer to your users. Studies have shown that websites with faster response times lead to more sales conversions than slower websites. By switching to a virtual hosting service and deploying your service to a cloud that’s closer to where your users are — and best of all, it may very well be cheaper than the plan you’re paying for now.


The same cloud-based technology can also help hosting resellers leapfrog past their competition and offer a level of convenience that older, server-based solutions can’t. We offer the ability to scale up the virtual server to match the needs of each of your customers as their websites grow. Utilize our technology, data center locations, and networking infrastructure to offer your customers unparalleled enterprise-levels of reliability, speed & efficiency.


While your customers might not understand all these benefits — they will undoubtedly notice the increased server speed, networking capability and convenience your hosting service offers while leveraging the Host Virtual platform, especially compared to oversold shared hosts.
If you’re interested in consolidating your websites under Host Virtual or are interested in seeing what IaaS can do for your retail hosting service, view our hosting plans, check out our network looking glass, or view our O/S options offered at : https://www.hostvirtual.com/os/hosting.