Onteon Tech and NetActuate have announced a strategic partnership to provide developers a fast, reliable, and innovative end-to-end solution for application development and global edge delivery. Applications running in Onteon’s microservice architecture can experience an even greater performance increase by utilizing NetActuate’s purpose-built infrastructure, optimized network, and anycast delivery platform.

“By utilizing both Onteon and NetActuate, developers can improve performance at multiple layers,” said Mark Mahle, CEO of NetActuate. “Onteon’s streamlined architecture enables developers to improve intra-application performance, while NetActuate’s global infrastructure, and anycast network services are optimized for low-latency edge delivery to end users worldwide.”

Onteon enables application developers to simplify their workloads, improve performance, save on costs, and even lower their carbon footprint through reduced computational requirements. 

“Onteon Tech understands the complexity of the microservices world, and the challenges today’s application developers face,” said Piotr Róg, CEO of Onteon Tech. “Onteon offers a fully-featured, streamlined solution for a wide range of developer needs, including the migration of monolithic legacy applications to modern microservice architecture, as well as the fast-paced development of new applications and features.” 

Though it can be deployed in any type of architecture, Onteon provides developers an alternative to complex, container-based deployment.  

“We built Onteon with the end goal of improving performance and reducing complexity for developers,” said Róg. “When applications running in Onteon are deployed on NetActuate’s infrastructure and network, major performance improvements and reductions in latency become possible, giving end users around the world a fully optimized experience.”

By combining the services of Onteon and NetActuate, developers can benefit from a streamlined solution for application development and deployment that includes code libraries, microservices, automation, monitoring, global infrastructure, and anycast-optimized network services.

As an IaaS and network provider specializing in low latency global application delivery, NetActuate operates one of the largest peered IPv4 and IPv6 networks in the world. NetActuate’s engineers help other providers build, optimize, and monitor highly available global deployments. Onteon Tech and other innovative operators deployed on NetActuate’s infrastructure, network, and anycast platform can deliver reliable, fast application performance for end users across the world.

To learn more about this partnership, and to inquire about services, please visit: netactuate.com/onteon