We're pleased to announce several enhancements and upgrades to our service. The biggest feature is the ability for customers on our v2 platform to instantly order additional ram, disk space, ips, and bandwidth and have the resources auto provisioned within minutes.

Pricing for the additional upgrades are as follows:

  • +128mb ram $5/mo
  • +10gb disk storage $10/mo
  • +100gb transfer $10/mo ($0.10 per gb)

You can see the full pricing and details on our addons page. Additional IP addresses and other addon costs, such as WHM/cPanel licenses do not change.

To purchase additional resources, simply select "Upgrades" from your servers management page. Also note that we've moved the "Purchase additional IP addresses" to the new upgrade tool.

If upgrades for your server are available, they will be displayed along with the monthly price. Simply select the upgrade and purchase to have your server instantly upgraded.

You can return to the upgrades page to remove upgrades, such as ram or disk space as well.

Quite a few other bug fixes and minor enhancements have been deployed to the vClient. We're gearing up for our next release and have some exciting enhancements in the pipeline. Please stay tuned and contribute to our feature roadmap.

the Host Virtual Team