Ashburn Data Center

Equinix operates state of the art IBX centers in the Washington, DC metro area in a campus environment and offers a full range of premium colocation, interconnection and support services to a wide range of networks, enterprise, content companies and financial institutions.

Equinix helps companies accelerate business performance by connecting them to their customers and partners inside the world’s most networked data centers.

Our Washington, DC data centers are business hubs for 850+ companies. Our DC customers can choose from a broad range of network services from 200+ providers. They can also interconnect directly to customers and partners in their digital supply chain.

Our DC data centers, located in Ashburn, VA, and Vienna, VA, are strategic communications hubs for the eastern United States. They’re also a major communications gateway to Europe and the largest Internet peering point in North America.

  • Electrical Capacity – 2.4 kVA per cabinet

  • UPS Configuration – N+1 Block Redundant System

  • # of Utility Feeders – 1

  • # of Power Transformers – 6

  • Utility Voltage – 34.5 kV, 3-phase

  • Standby Power – Seven 2,000 kW diesel engine generators

  • Standby Power Config. – N+1

  • Cooling Capacity – 2.25 kW per cabinet (8,533 BTUH)

  • Cooling Plant – Rooftop air handlers, air-cooled

  • Physical – "Man trap" entry

  • Human – 24x7 security guards

  • Electronic – CCTV and Recorders, Motion Detection, Hand Geometry Readers, Fiber Vault

  • System – Overhead proprietary cable tray system with multi-tier ladder rack

  • Cross Connects – Single-Mode fiber, Multi-Mode fiber (62.5 and 50 micron), CAT5, CAT6, CAT5 (T1), and CAT3 (POTS)

  • Equinix Metro Connect – Extends choice and reach for carrier and network availability across metro areas

  • Equinix Internet Exchange™ – Central switch for public and private peering

  • Equinix Carrier Ethernet Exchange – Enables Ethernet Service Providers to interconnect to CENs and expand the reach of Ethernet services

  • Equinix Direct™ – Automated network provisioning, multi-homing and billing

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Location is everything. NetActuate operates 27+ high availability network POPs that deliver Anycast, multihomed BPG blended bandwidth, and direct cloud connect services that can be deployed across VPS, dedicated bare metal servers, and colocation infrastructure in 6 continents.

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