Karlsruhe Data Center

NetActuate operates our network and server infrastructure inside the TelemaxX data center.

The datacenter allows professional operation of your servers in our colocation data center by reserving a separate area for you that meets your individual spatial requirements.

Backup electricity supply, emergency diesel power generator, optimal server room temperature, fire protection, early fire detection, video surveillance and access control system are all important factors that guarantee permanent and trouble-free operation of servers at our data center.

  • Floor space for 1,500 racks

  • F90 walls with fire-resistant doors

  • 47U locking racks

  • Power input via 20 kV ring

  • UPS systems for N+1 redundacy

  • Temporary load transfer switch N+1

  • Redundant power feeds to each rack

  • Air conditioning systems with N+2 redundancy

  • Air filtration according to DIN EN 779 G4

  • Underfloor air distribution

  • Hot aisle / cold aisle containment

  • Fire detection system with four separate fire compartments

  • Early fire detection

  • Nitrogen extinguishing system

  • Access control system

  • Intrusion alarm system

  • Video surveillance

  • Security service

  • Redundant fiber optic connections to TelemaxX backbone

  • Internet connection via redundant fiber ducts and carriers

  • Juniper and Cisco network equipment

  • Redundant ports to each rack

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Network Locations

Location is everything. NetActuate operates 27+ high availability network POPs that deliver Anycast, multihomed BPG blended bandwidth, and direct cloud connect services that can be deployed across VPS, dedicated bare metal servers, and colocation infrastructure in 6 continents.

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