Virtual Machines


Our virtual infrastructure platform is purpose-built to deliver flexibility and performance for latency-sensitive applications.

Full Accountability

We are not just a “provider of” other software or management tools. We fully control every part of our virtual infrastructure, from the ground up.

30+ Edge Locations

Our global footprint reaches more locations than centralized public cloud providers, instantly delivering workloads closer to your end users.

Portal and API Management

✓  Stop, start, and reboot your VMs
  Spin up new VMs in over 30 locations worldwide
  Provision disk, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth
✓   Instantly deploy Linux, Windows, *BSD
✓   Access comprehensive reports, metrics, and alerts
  Submit tickets, manage billing, and more

Over 500 Supported Operating Systems & Images

Using our online customer portal, you can instantly deploy our base images to any of our VMs in just a few minutes. We also let you easily delete and re-deploy as often as needed to any of our 30+ global locations. Below are just a few of the distributions we support.